Shirley is honoured to meet the Queen

Shirley Cummings ps1205-27'Queens Maundy Money For Shirley'Shirley Cummings
Shirley Cummings ps1205-27'Queens Maundy Money For Shirley'Shirley Cummings

SHIRLEY Cummings, 76, of Bridlington, was intrigued to get a letter bearing the ER Buckingham Palace mark.

“I had no idea what it was and when I opened it couldn’t believe it was an invitation to be presented to the Queen and receive Maunday Money. I am absolutely thrilled,” said Shirley.

She will be among 86 retired men and women, one for every year of the Queen’s life, who will be presented to the Queen and receive a small pouch containing four Maunday Money coins – specially minted for this, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year.

“It really is an honour to be nominated for this and I certainly have no intention of parting with the Maunday Money,” said Shirley, of Harewood Avenue.

The ceremony will be at York Minster on April 5 and the Queen’s visit to York is also to mark the 800th anniversary of York achieving city status.

The last time the Queen distributed the Royal Maundy in York was in 1972.

Shirley’s family will be there to witness the historic occasion.

Her daughters, Gillian Lamplough, 42 and Anne Yates, 45, who both live in York, will he there as her official companions.

Her son Andrew, 40, who lives with her in Bridlington, and his girlfriend, will be there with the family’s grandchildren to watch the ceremony. “We are all going to meet up afterwards for a celebration meal,” said Shirley.

Like all recipients, Shirley does not know who nominated her.

She has lived in Bridlington for 43 years and sadly lost her husband Geoffrey 10 years ago.

She has become involved in many aspects of Bridlington’s community.

She is currently chairman of the Bridlington Rotherham Society, a social group with regular fortnightly meetings which organises outings, theatre visits and other get togethers including a Christmas lunch.

She is also a prime mover in the town’s Time Ahead social club for people over the age of 65 and more recently took over the role of Editor of Bridlington Priory Church magazine.