Sherlock homes in on debut at Crufts

Sherlock the Irish Setter
Sherlock the Irish Setter

A puppy called Sherlock is hoping to be able to solve how to impress the judges at the world’s biggesr dog show.

The Irish Setter will be in the junior class at Crufts next month, after placing at the Driffield Championship Show last September

Sherlock’s pedigree name Gwendariff’s Gonna Do It For Byedales and he will be just over a year old when the competition starts.

Owners Andrew and Suzanne McDowell said: “Sherlock is a clown at home always up to something but loves a cuddle.

“He loves showing and all the attention he gets from people.

“He particularly likes to roll on his back just before going into the showring which is not what he should be doing, but he did it once and discovered people laughed and spoke his name, so now he thinks it’s great.

“Look out for him on TV at Crufts, hopefully not doing that on the big green carpet when he should be showing his socks off running round the ring.”