Seafood event was swimming with success

Chef Martyn Shaw
Chef Martyn Shaw

The King’s Head in Nafferton was in the spotlight on Monday as the venue for a series of informal demonstrations on the benefits of cooking with locally sourced seafood.

The free networking event attracted a variety of people - from hospitality and catering businesses to local seafood suppliers and traders.

The event was hosted by Martyn Shaw, who is highly regarded for the quality of meals he produces at The Dining Room in Driffield and the King’s Head in Nafferton.

The event encouraged pubs, restaurants and local seafood suppliers to congregate and discuss their products and services, while watching cooking demonstrations.

Mr Shaw explained how cooking local products can be cost-effective and that using locally sourced seafood helps the local economy.

Mr Shaw, said: “This event is designed to showcase local food and the benefits it can have to local hospitality industries, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, farm shops, or anybody who is interested in selling food.”

Simon Carrison, a diner at the King’s Head, said: “The food here is fantastic and you can really taste the quality of the fresh local food.

“There are signs around the pub that tell you where the food and drinks are sourced from and I think that is a nice touch, as well as comforting to know that I am helping the local economy”.

The event was part of a series of functions called ‘Enjoy Seafood from the East Yorkshire Coast’ project, funded by the Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group, took place on Monday at the

Ray Williamson, Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group, said: “The event was well attended by local suppliers, hoteliers and traders and Martyn Shaw, our local chef, demonstrated the substantial benefits of using locally caught shellfish product.

“Attendees went away with a clear message that there were positives to using local seafood and new companies found the event extremely useful”.

The Holderness Coast has much to offer in terms of its seafood and the event provided an opportunity for people to talk to other traders about their products and services, sample their food, discuss terms of trade and pick up useful tips.

More information about the Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) and the local industry can be found at

* The Holderness Coast FLAG is a publicand private sector partnership aimed at promoting a sustainable local fishing industry, developing the tourism potential of the Holderness area and creating stronger communities. A total of £1.8 million has been distributed to over 60 local projects in the last three years. The FLAG is a European funded programme under the European Fisheries Fund.