Sculpture to be unveiled

Gansey Girl statue
Gansey Girl statue

A long awaited sculpture will finally be unveiled next Friday as part of the refresh of Bridlington Maritime Trail on its tenth anniversary.

The bronze sculpture, named The Gansey Girl, has historic and sentimental meaning in that she reflects the fishing history in Bridlington as well as the families in the town.

She depicts a young woman sitting on a plinth knitting a gansey, a traditional jumper that contains a rich pattern of symbolism passed down through generations of fishing families.

The Gansey Girl is positioned so that she bids farewell to fishermen leaving the harbour, as well as welcoming them back home to their families.

The artist, Steve Carvill, has captured the local fishing community, and the sculpture incorporates the names of families that have fished off the coast or have been involved with the harbour.

Sculpted in Bridlington, the piece will be installed on October 23 and from 28-29 October some families of fishermen will contribute to the art work by placing sculpted fish onto the plinth of the Gansey Girl baring their family names.

The Maritime Trail highlights points of interest in and around the harbour and seafront and will consist of street information boards, a new web site, stone trail markers and trail leaflets.

Councillor Jane Evison, portfolio holder for economy, investment and inequalities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “We are delighted to celebrate Bridlington’s Maritime Heritage in this way and it is very important to show the local community that their heritage and history is being preserved.”

Steve Carvill, lead artist, added: “It has been a privilege to work on this project with such a dedicated team of people.”

Chris Wright, chair of the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, said: “The Harbour Commissioners and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have together set up a Maritime Trail which takes in the harbour estate, Garrison Square and the sea front area.”

Dr Robb Robinson, historian at the University of Hull, said: “The Maritime trail allows us to explore Bridlington’s wonderful maritime heritage and brings it to the attention of tourists and local public alike.”

Contributors to the Maritime Trail include the Holderness Coast Fisheries Local Action Group, the Harbour Commissioners and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.