Scooter rally - Bridlington plans its own unofficial event for 2019

Scooters on Bridlington seafront
Scooters on Bridlington seafront

Plans are underway to put on an unofficial scooter weekend in Bridlington next year, to fill the gap left by the national rally heading to Southport.

The town has been left off the 2019 calendar by the British Scooter Rallies Association, but pub landlords are hoping they will be able to retain a large chunk of the £1million the event is said to be worth to the town.

While a number of scooterists have said they will follow the official trade show to the North West coast, Bridlington’s pubs and bars are hoping others will stay loyal to East Yorkshire.

Fliers have been circulating around the town promoting Scooterfest, which claims a ‘vast array’ of bars will continue the ‘popular tradition’ of scooter-themed events with ‘a greta atmosphere’.

Although he is not connected to the leaflets, Nigel Edwards, landlord at The Greyhound in Promenade, is optimistic it will be ‘business as usual’ next October.

He said: “We were very, very busy this year – we always are. And judging by what the scooter guys were saying to us, they will still come back next year and support Bridlington.

“Lots of them have booked their B&Bs and we have booked our bands. Pub landlords have got to look after themselves.

“It’s a big event for the town and we always look forward to it.

“For us it is a four-day event and this year we generated around £53,000. We had 12 bar staff on and it was constantly busy over the four days.

“Nothing else all year round comes close to that. We can’t afford to lose that sort of money.

“Things like the scooter rally, the pool competitions and the darts - which we lost but it has come back to Bridlington - are lifeline for us.

“They bring in hundreds of people and they all need to eat, drink and sleep in town.”

Nigel acknowledged that that unofficial weekend might not attract the same numbers as the official weekend but Bridlington businesses could not afford to do nothing.

He said: “We will see how it goes. Southport is a long way for people to go, especially for the lads from places like Sheffield, Grimsby and Doncaster, and with Cleethorpes not on the national meetings next year either.

“We hope it will be business as usual. Maybe there won’t be as many people but I think it will be well supported.”