School pledge to stamp out cemetery yobs

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HEADLANDS School is determined to stop students misbehaving in and around Bridlington Cemetery.

Following the revelation in the Free Press two weeks ago that police had begun a crackdown on young people, mostly from Headlands, engaged in antisocial behaviour in the cemetery, the school has been working hard to solve the problem.

Since September there have been several incidents reported to the authorities including youngsters pouring drinks on graves, destroying flowers and blocking the locks on the cemetery gates.

The trouble has spilled beyond the cemetery onto Sewerby Road and Eastfield Road, with children placing stickers over car number plates, knocking over wheelie bins and throwing stones at residents’ windows.

Police have identified the problem as a priority and have already been into Headlands school to talk to pupils about their behaviour which has been causing distress to nearby residents and cemetery visitors.

According to Deputy Head Kent Walmsley, a Year 7 pupil has been reported to teachers by fellow students, who were shocked by what had been going on, and that pupil’s details had been passed on to the police.

Mr Walmsley said: “These are the actions of a small minority of students and often many will be present, who are not engaged in bad behaviour but do not feel they can stop what is going on. This makes it appear that there are more youngsters committing offences then there actually are.

“We have 1,200 young people at this school and there are always going to be some who will do things that they shouldn’t be doing, but we are working very hard to prevent this sort of behaviour happening.

“It is a real shame that a small minority of students are letting themselves and the school down.”

PCSO Andrea Humphery confirmed a fairway letter had been issued to a Year 7 pupil who admitted to pouring drinks on a grave and climbing of the cemetery furniture whilst another youth had received a fairway letter for their behaviour on Fortyfoot. PCSO Humphrey said: “We have other talks planned at headlands and are helping with ongoing projects at the school.

We are also continuing to patrol the area at the beginning and end of the school day and if we see any unacceptable behaviour we will be speaking to parents.”