School days remembered

Memory Lanes pictures of Bridlington
Memory Lanes pictures of Bridlington
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LAST week’s Memory Lane feature brought back memories of happy days at Hilderthorpe School.

Our mystery picture from Bridlington Library’s local studies archive of a school concert or project in the 1980s is a mystery no longer thanks to Helen Blackburn, now 36 and living on Bridlington’s South Side, who is pictured third from the left in the back row.

Her mum Ann Blackburn got in touch and with Helen’s help gave us the date of 1983 and almost all the names of her former classmates.

She was not sure why they were wearing costumes other than it could have been a school project featuring traditional dress from around the world or some kind of Christmas event.

Debbie Edwards of Huddersfield also contacted us to say: “The second child from the right, front row, wearing the tasteful brown jumper, flat cap and wellies is my brother Steven Edwards!

“Needless to say he was mortified as he is now 37.”

l Finally, the final word on the picture of a military style camp taken somewhere in Bridlington in 1927.

In addition to others who identified the location as Bessingby Fields, Rick Wilson of Trinity Mews contacted us to say he had exactly the same picture and on the back was written “Church Lads Brigade annual camp from the West Riding.”

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