Santa's sleigh comes under attack in Bridlington

Bridlington Round Table volunteers during last year's Santa Sleigh tour
Bridlington Round Table volunteers during last year's Santa Sleigh tour

Volunteers spreading Christmas cheer were abused, spat at and had items thrown at them.

Members of Bridlington Round Table were on the fourth night of their tour of the town, which sees Santa on his sleigh and helpers collecting money for local charities while they hand out bags of sweets to children.

But the Christmas spirit turned sour when people tried to steal the money and sweets and hurled items at them last night.

A message on the Round Table's Facebook page said: "Thanks to everyone who came out to see Santa tonight.

"Unfortunately, the night was spoilt towards the end. It is NOT acceptable nor human behaviour to throw cans at our volunteers, nor is it to spit, swear and try steal money and sweets off our volunteers -especially from the children committing the above.

"Our volunteers do NOT do this to be abused in anyway and certainly do not expect it. When we have to put our children in the car for their safety it is a bad day.

"If this happens again, the latter part of tonight’s route will be cut.

"We appreciate they are in the minority and it would be a shame if all the appreciative individuals had to miss out on Santa’s visit due to the stupidity of a few."

Last night's route started on the New Pasture Lane estate but the trouble flared towards the end of the evening. The tour had been due to finish on Gypsey Road, Jameson Road, Medforth Road, Prickett Road, Little Beck Road, Wentworth Road and South Back Lane.