Sammy the piano playing squirrel

Sammy is nuts about playing the piano
Sammy is nuts about playing the piano

A PET squirrel from Bridlington with a rare musical talent has hit the headlines this week.

Sammy, a two-year-old grey squirrel, looks destined to become the next Jools Holland after putting his mind to playing the piano.

Sammy’s owner, Shirley Higton, said: “As I am a piano teacher he has always had music around him and he likes to chase people’s fingers across the keyboard.

“We once had a singing dog too so I think it runs in the family.

Although Sammy is nuts about the instrument, the piano-playing pet started to become a distraction in Shirley’s lessons, so last week he was given a smaller toy piano to play until his heart’s content.

Sammy first came to live with Shirley after latching on to her husband Steve as he was walking through woods on the way back from work.

Although Steve tried to put the squirrel back, Sammy kept returning, and after many failed attempts to release him back into the wild, the family eventually took Sammy in permanently, though Shirley has had to get a special wild animal licence to keep him.

Shirley said: “He’s only had his piano for a week but he already knows every inch of it, squirrels are very inquisitive.

“I don’t think I’ll be entering him in Britain’s Got Talent though, he doesn’t exactly hit out a tune.”

Sammy has appeared on Radio Humberside, in the Sun and an appearance on ITV’s This Morning is in the offing, though he’s no stranger to fame having previously appeared on Channel 5 show Live with Gabby.