Samantha Hudson speaks

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson

IN A phone call to her father, Samantha Hudson has uttered the first word she has spoken since the house fire three-months-ago that killed her three children.

Samantha Hudson, 27, was in a coma for over a month after the blaze at her home in Clarence Avenue, Bridlington, which killed her children, William, nine, AJ, five, and Maddie, three, but she is now working towards recovery at a rehabilitation unit in Goole.

Her mother Sharon visited her last Tuesday and phoned her husband Robert, who was unable to visit Samantha due to suffering from the flu.

Sharon said: “He wanted to speak to Sam so I held the phone to her ear. Then I heard her say ‘yeah’.

“At first I wasn’t sure if I’d heard right or whether it was just a noise, but then she said it a second time and it was definitely a word, she said ‘yeah’. It was quite emotional.

“It is only one word, but it was brilliant to hear.”

Samantha suffered brain damage as a result of smoke inhalation during the fire on November 11 and was induced into a coma at Scarborough Hospital.

During this time her children’s funeral took place at Emmanuel Church in Bridlington, but she has now been told of her children’s deaths.

It is not known how fully Samantha will recover from the ordeal, both physically and mentally, but she is re-learning basic skills at the rehabilitation unit where she is expected to stay for the next six months.

Officers investigating the fire said that its most likely cause was a cigarette that had not been fully extinguished.