Saleswoman makes it into regional final

Tesco Shop assistant Joanna Holmes NBFP PA1513-6c
Tesco Shop assistant Joanna Holmes NBFP PA1513-6c

A Bridlington saleswoman has made it through to the regional finals of the BBC’s first series of Shop Idol.

Joanna Holmes works at Tesco supermarket in Bridlington and is now a step closer to becoming the UK’s best mobile salesperson.

Joanna said: “I am absolutely ecstatic. It is surreal that I have made it this far. All my hard work has paid off.”

Joanna classes her unique sales strategy as a reason for her getting into the next round which will be held in Manchester.

She said: “I do a lot of work off my own back such as home visits to really give the customer the best service. I just love mobile phones so I love my job and I always want to do well.”

Joanna is due to start up her own mobile phone workshops for beginners in store later this month in an attempt to reach out to the older generation.

She said: “I am beginning classes on 24 April running every month initially to see what the attendance is like. Bridlington has a high number of older people living in it and a good percentage of them do not know how to use mobile phones at all. With the modern day family generally all having mobile phones, it is getting to the case now that you need them to keep in touch.”

Joanna hopes to teach her pupils how to set up their phone as well as texting, calling, emails and pictures.

The first workshop is on 24 April between 10am-noon for those wishing to attend with there being no need to book in advance.