Safety fears over Gypsey Race

Burton Fleming Weekly Walk Feature.'Pictures by Paul Atkinson:'PA1725-1l'Gypsey Race not flowing at this time
Burton Fleming Weekly Walk Feature.'Pictures by Paul Atkinson:'PA1725-1l'Gypsey Race not flowing at this time

I support the development of the Burlington Parade, which passes completely through my ward.

At no stage have I been personally asked my views, on the scheme by Beverley – obviously, I know nothing.

Over the last year, I have expressed my concern regarding the distinct possibility of someone, (probably a young person), falling into the Gypsey Race, in the vicinity of the Palace Car Park.

It is there that the chalk stream narrows with steep banks, preventing anyone being able to scramble out, if they accidently fell in. At various times of the year, the stream is very fast flowing and deep.

Should anyone fall in, only the tallest, strongest swimmer, would be able to regain their footing in six feet of water and survive.

It is only a very short distance, before the Race disappears into the long culvert, which goes under Bridge Street, Langdales Wharf Car Park and exists into the Harbour under water level.

I have suggested a steel grid to be in place to prevent anyone being flushed into the Harbour, but there is total inertia to act.

I have looked at the proposal to place an anti-tank trap, across the stream, just behind Yorkshire Trading, where the stream turns at great speed.

Any barrier across a stream, lifts the water level on the upstream side and this increases the speed of the current, as it passes through that barrier.

The council calls this feature Stepping Stones, to allow persons and no doubt children, to cross over from one side to the other. I can envisage intoxicated individuals, fooling about crossing it on their way home from the pub and other more sensible persons and children, slipping off, particularly if there is an ice cover.

You have the likelihood of loosing your life.

At a time when Health and Safety Legislation is being strengthened on building sites and buildings, I feel it would be irresponsible to introduce this dangerous feature into an otherwise splendid scheme to enhance the visual amenity of our Town.

When I was a young man, a mum lost both her children after they fell into the Gypsey Race, as far back as the Gypsey Road playing fields. They were found months later when a static Keel boat, brought their bodies to the surface in the harbour, when the propeller started to turn.

We do not want a tragedy like this happening again.

Councillor David Robson

ERYC, Brid South