Runaway trolleys littering the town

Oliver Stone pictured with one of the trolleys dumped in the West Hill area
Oliver Stone pictured with one of the trolleys dumped in the West Hill area

Runaway trolleys popping up around Bridlington are becoming a common sight but now a humorous campaign has been set up to tackle the issue.

Oliver Stone, of Bridlington, penned an open letter to Morrison’s supermarket following a rise in the number of the store’s trolleys dumped and abandoned about the town.

The campaign group, called Justice-4-Trolleys, is concerned that the rogue trolleys could cause serious a accident with many pictured on or by the side of the road.

The 39-year-old at the head of the movement said: “It all started really when Morrison’s removed the locks from the trolleys. It had always been a problem but it has worsened.

“I cycle around a lot of the town and I noticed a lot of trolleys dotted about and I posted a picture on the Facebook group, Grumpy Old Brid.

Abandoned trolleys have been snapped and posted online in the newly formed campaign group.

Oliver added: “A lot of people are affected by it. I try to do it in a comical way although it is a serious issue.”

Some of the pictures posted online come with a back story for the trolley.

One photographed outside of Bridlington and District Hospital said: “This abandoned Morrisons trolley, that suffered multiple career ending injuries, has made a full recovery and is currently waiting for Morrisons to pick him up from outpatients.”

Oliver is concerned about the image it portrays to visitors to the town as well as environmental and safety issues with trolleys dumped in the beck and by the side of busy roads.

In the open letter he suggested using trolley locks, implementing a wheel locking system, installing signs on all trolleys prohibiting unauthorised removal, installing signs preventing unauthorised removal to each boundary exit, and even employing staff to monitor each boundary exit.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “Our customers tell us that they find trolley locks inconvenient, especially when they don’t have a pound coin. Many shoppers really appreciate easy access to a trolley as they arrive at our stores.

“However, we’re also concerned about abandoned trolleys around our Bridlington store – we’re very grateful to the local community and those people who go out of their way to help.

“Our trolleys are valuable to us and whenever strays are reported to one of our colleagues, we send a team out as soon as we can to recover them.”

In a direct, and public, reply to Oliver on social media, another Morrisons spokesperson said: “We’ll have a new system installed in this store shortly which stop any customers leaving the site with our trolleys. This will prevent the same issue reoccuring in the future.”