Row over a mattress

A DISPUTE over a mattress led to the rear window of a car being smashed in a Bridlington street.

Bridlington magistrates heard how Daniel John Cain, 26, of Teal Garth, had been drawn into an argument with a customer from Lincolnshire who wanted his money back after buying it from his partner.

Last Wednesday’s court hearing was told police were called to the address on August 30 where a Peugeot 207 had its rear window smashed by Cain during an altercation outside his house.

Karen Quintick, prosecuting, said: “Cain invited police into the house and he fully admitted causing the damage to the car and handed them the implement he had used to cause it saying the complainant had threatened the stab him, but no knife was seen. Cain also said he had only meant to tap the car and did not mean to cause the damage he did which has been estimated between £300 to £400.”

In mitigation, Nick Farr said Cain, who pleaded guilty to the offence of criminal damage, agreed it was a reckless act, it was out of character, but he had been severely provoked.

The incident began when his partner had sold a mattress for £26 on internet site eBay to a man in Lincolnshire.

He had been to their address to collect it and pay for it and later had put a message on the site saying he was happy with his buy. However, his partner then got a phone call from the man saying he wanted his money back plus his Humber Bridge fees and petrol and he was bringing it back.

“His partner was worried about this and contacted Cain as she felt something was not right about the situation. Before the man arrived they had agreed, for the sake of £26, to give the man his money back,” said Mr Farr. However, when he arrived and they said they would return the cash to him through the PayPal payment system giving electronic proof the money had been repaid the man had thrown the mattress on the floor and demanded his petrol money and bridge tolls as well and became very aggressive making threats he would stab Cain.

“Cain got a pool cue and refused to give him any more money. Seeing he was not simply going to hand over the money he had demanded the man got into his car and drove away, as he did so Cain hit the back window with the cue causing it to crack,” said Mr Farr.

Presiding magistrate Sheila Macnab gave him a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered he pay £60 compensation and court costs of £85.