Road’s sinking crossing finally fixed

Crossing on Prospect Street with new surface'PA1123-7
Crossing on Prospect Street with new surface'PA1123-7

THE problematic pedestrian crossing on Prospect Street looks set to finally have been fixed.

A section of the raised pedestrian crossing, directly outside the Half Moon pub and close to the Free Press office, has been cracked and sinking for over three years.

In 2008 the raised crossing was filled in and relaid – after a dispute between East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Yorkshire Water over who’s responsibility it was to repair the damage.

At the time, East Riding council engineer Dave England believed the problem patch of road to be connected to a collapsed sewer six feet underground.

However, after inspections from Yorkshire Water revealed that there were no problems with the sewers, the council patched up the road on a number of occasions.

Workmen from East Riding of Yorkshire Council dug a test hole on Sunday evening to check the core of the road for any problems, before beginning work on strengthening and relaying part of the sinking road on Monday.

The work began at 7pm, with the road relaid by around 11pm – giving it chance to dry so it was ready for cars to drive on the next day.

John Harland, Divisional Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Streetscene Services, said: “We know that some sewers at the Half Moon pub had been worked on, which may have led to some problems underneath the road.

“We have patched it up before but this time the whole pedestrian crossing has been dug up and totally relaid with asphalt.

“We dug a test hole on Sunday night, which didn’t show up any major problems and we were ready to go ahead and relay the road on Monday.

“Hopefully there will be no more problems, and that part of Prospect Street will have been repaired for the last time.”

The affected area has proved a nuisance to vehicles travelling along the busy street, as large craters appeared where parts of the road had sunk.