Reward for life-saving lifeboat man Mark

Mark Crozier
Mark Crozier

MARK Crozier could have been an unhappy man on Saturday.

A life-long Manchester United fan, Mark, 48, of Nightingale Road, Bridlington, was looking forward to watching his team play in the Premiership final when the latest in many calls came through that meant his job as a lifeboat crewman had to come first.

Happily, Mark, whose son Luke is also a member of the Bridlington Lifeboat crew, managed to get back home in time to see his team win.

He has become used to expecting the unexpected, and now Mark is to receive the RNLI long service badge in recognition of his 20 years as a member of the Bridlington crew.

He has been a crewman on both the offshore and inshore lifeboats and is currently Head Launcher for the station.

Life has never been dull, and is frequently dangerous.

“I have had many memorable moments but one bad night we were called to a woman cut off by the tide and as we were attempting to get to her the inshore boat capsized in heavy breaking surf.

“Two of the crew, one of which was our Luke, were lifted off by helicopter and I was dragged through the sea but, along with another member of the crew, I managed to get ashore.

“That night sticks in my mind. “ said Mark.

However, the incident did not put him off his lifesaving role and he remained as an active crew member.

He will be presented with his award later in the year.