Review: Seafret at Bridlington Spa

Seafret on stage at Bridlington Spa
Seafret on stage at Bridlington Spa

A homecoming gig is always special for the act returning to their roots to perform where it all began.

Bridlington duo Seafret made their comeback to the coast to perform at the Spa for their biggest gig to date, and they didn’t disappoint.

The band is made up of Jack Sedman on vocals and Harry Draper on guitar.

The pair opened with the acoustic Give Me Something from their debut album Tell Me It’s Real which was released on 29 January.

Seafret made their feelings towards the town very clear from early on with Sedman speaking of his delight at how “it feels good to be home”.

The performance of Missing was an emotional rollercoaster from Sedman while it was the first chance that Draper got to fully use his quality.

The intensity continued when Tell Me It’s Real began with a spotlight background on stage really setting the mood. It was this song where Sedman was able to showcase his range of vocals which have a hint of Paolo Nutini about them.

Seafret were very appreciative of the crowd and raised a toast to ‘Brid’ with a whisky.

Their live editions of popular songs Wildfire, Atlantis and Oceans were highlights for the locals who were 
enjoying the gig just as much as the acoustic duo.

The lads were constantly pinching themselves being back in Bridlington and it was clear to see their delight. After their final track Be There Draper and Sedman shared a huge hug and were deservedly cheered off the stage. The pair are certainly in for a bright future.