REVIEW: Derren Brown: Infamous at Hull New Theatre

Derren Brown
Derren Brown
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Derren Brown, the master of misdirection and star of many a Channel 4 spectacular, is back with a brand new live show.

Infamous is full of the star’s trademark reveals and surprises - which makes it difficult to review without giving anything away. But that would take the fun out of it, so no spoilers here.

Just to say ... be prepared for plenty of audience participation.

Starting with the master of mystery sitting alone on a wooden chair, in front of a gothic, brick wall, there’s immediately a sense of unease. But then Derren puts you back at ease by telling the audience some personal details about himself - how he came out as gay - and how we should all be more open with each other because, afterall, we’re not that different.

Well part from Derren of course ... he’s got freaky, special powers!

What follows is a two hour display of Brown’s amazing talent for memory and for reading people. Can he really guess the name of your pet through tiny movements in your body language? Oh yes he can!

He plucks unsuspecting audience members up on stage to help with his many different routines, from poker tricks to the myths of mediums. It’s a very clever, well structured show.

Although there’s nothing here we haven’t seen from Derren before, it’s his master showmanship that puts you under his spell. He’s also very funny.

And I can guarantee everyone will leave asking themselves ‘How the heck did he do that?’. Now that’s magic.

Derren Brown: Infamous runs at Hull New Theatre until Saturday, June 22. Tickets are still available. Call the box office on 01482 300300.