Residents’ fury over ghost ride - C0MMENT ON THIS STORY

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‘A MONSTROSITY’ is how Bridlington residents have described the latest addition to the town’s seafront – a large ride which does not have permission to be there.

The giant fairground ride has filled the seafront space left by the ill-fated Bridlington wheel and has blocked off a large swathe of the once unblemished view of Flamborough Head and the open sea.

Construction work on the Demon Chaser ride began last week, but this week a council spokesman confirmed that the authority has not given consent for the structure to be there and that the planning department is dealing with the matter.

The spokesman said: “The ride is on council-owned land and, as such, it needs to have consent from planning – which it has not got at the moment.

“When we found out that the ride had been put there, we sent a letter out telling the person responsible that they need to fill in an application to have the ride there, and we are awaiting his response.”

The spokesman added that if the authority had not received a response from the ride owner by the end of the week, they would be pursuing the matter.

For Trinity Grove resident Linda, the sudden appearance of the Demon Chaser – a ghost train ride – came as a nasty shock and has diminished her enjoyment of her regular coffee on the seafront.

She said: “I walked down the seafront today to my favourite place, Vanilla, for a coffee to find the beautiful view replaced by sheet metal.

“I cannot believe this monstrosity of a ride is allowed in such a position – please, please remove it, whoever is responsible!”

Another Free Press reader, who asked not to be named, agreed with Linda’s view and said: “This has ruined the view of Bridlington Bay and should be removed forthwith.

“This town is struggling as it is with no shops or parking without taking away our best feature. I think we have got the best seafront and the best bay and harbour anywhere along this coast and to put something like this on it is just appalling.

“I don’t like the other rides, they are there and we just have to live with them, but this monstrosity is going too far.

“At least when the wheel was there you could still see through it.”

The Free Press contacted the owner of the ride, believed to be Michael Harrison of Harrison Leisure, but at the time of going to press he had been unable to provide a comment on the issue.