Residents’ anger as new road is dug up

Stamford Walk'Road being dug up'PA1104-7c
Stamford Walk'Road being dug up'PA1104-7c

THE Abbey Road development debacle continues as workmen are now digging up a freshly-laid road within days of being told their newly-built pavement needed replacing.

It has emerged that contractors have made an error in the construction of the ‘dog-leg’ road leading up to the four-house development and, since last week, workmen have been busy tearing up the road they had laid just days before.

This follows on from the revelation two weeks ago that contractors were given the wrong measurements for a pavement which was built to be far too narrow and is now waiting to be dug up and relaid 30cm wider.

These errors are part of a long line of disruptions faced by Stamford Walk residents opposite the development who have seen their front doors cut off by fencing as well as being forced to park well away from their own houses while nearby grass verges have been destroyed by works vehicles.

For Stamford Walk resident Kim Clayton, the digging up of the brand new road is the final straw for herself and her neighbours.

“I’m talking for everbody on our block when I say we are all sick of this, it is unbelievable,” she said.

“Who on earth is making these plans? Somebody is getting paid for all this mess!

“It just seems to be one mistake after another and it’s those of us who live here who have to keep putting up with it all.

“There are houses being built elsewhere in Bridlington without any problems whatsoever – they got six up in Gyspey Road in no time – but when it comes to this development, the whole thing has been a nightmare and it’s been going on far too long now.”

Work started on the four new council houses in March last year and the first stage was the demolition of 20 garages rented out by the council to nearby residents.

This was strongly opposed by the garage tenants, some of whom had rented their space for 30-years, but despite a 60-name petition being collected, the garages were demolished to make way for the houses and the garage tenants received notice of eviction before any consultation had even taken place.

Kim said: “It all started badly when we lost our garages, but we just got on with things, that’s what we’re like around here.

“But then that ridiculous footpath was built, and now this whole new road is being dug up. You just think ‘somebody’s got to be joking!’

“The work was supposed to be finished in March but none of us can see that happening with all these mistakes, not to mention the costs of the extra work and the fact that there’ll be people already on a list for the new houses who will be expecting to move in soon.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council confirmed that a mistake had been made with the new road but added that it would be the contractor, not the council, who would foot the bill.

He said: “The contractor has made an error in the construction of the roads.

“The errors will all be rectified at no cost to the council although the council will suffer due to delays to handovers.

“Any damage to verges will all be made good at no cost to the council as this is part of the contractor’s responsibility.

“The council are working with the contractor to try and help him resolve his issues as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.”