THE RELUNCTANT RUNNER: Reluctantly, I must get up and running

It's a shame there wasn't room to get the word '˜really' into the top of this page. '˜Really reluctant runner' would be a more accurate description of me.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 12:33 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:12 pm
My blood pressure was almost high enough to see me referred to my GP

But something needs to change after my medical MoT which you might have read about in last week’s Free Press.

The health check revealed I am officially ‘inactive’ and ‘obese’, with high cholestrol and worringly high blood-pressure. And I have a 4% risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years in my current state.

I went for my tests at the start of December, and knew that trying to completely ditch all the festive fayre was impossible, so it has so far been a case of minimising the mince pies and cutting back on the Christmas cake.

New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a cliche and I know the statistics will say the majority are doomed to failure, but there is no time like the present.

However, I am a baker, not a biker. I am more used to a bread machine than a rowing machine.

I love cooking but you don’t get to above 17-and-a-half stone in weight because you make a mean salad.

Bread, cakes, pastries – all things I love creating, and three of the first thing Harry The Health Trainers told me to cut down on.

I have spent the past 10 years writing about sport in Bridlington, and not doing any sport. That is part of the problem.

And so, Natalie Belt, who runs the Health Trainers scheme in Bridlington has a challenge for me.

Could I run the Sewerby Parkrun within six months? It’s a 5km (just over three miles) run held every Saturday morning.

That sounds like a walk in the park to a lot of people, but to someone who has never run before, it is a realistic goal to aim for.

And she has another suggestion - to throw the challenge open to anyone else who is like me - an absolute beginner who needs to get fitter, I won’t pretend I want to!

If you want to know more, email me at [email protected] - we can make 2017 a healthier year together.