Real Rocky Horror 
Show – by the sea!

Cuckoo wrasse'picture: Paul Naylor
Cuckoo wrasse'picture: Paul Naylor

Discover the real Rocky Horror Show this National Marine Week, which starts today, when Wildlife Trusts across the country celebrate our awesome sea life.

Summer is simply not complete without a day at the seaside here in Yorkshire – but is life in our rockpools quite as placid as it seems?

Dip into rockpools, keep an eye out for fins among the waves and see what other surprises our seas might offer this summer.

National Marine Week offers shoals of events to holiday makers and locals alike to enjoy the real Rocky Horror Show.

For inspiration, activities and more visit Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas Centre at Flamborough.

Anthony Hurd, Living Seas Centre manager, said: “Exploring rockpools is often our first experience of the marine environment – and life in these pools is no picnic.

“Conditions are tough for the weird and wonderful creatures that live there, from warring anemones to lurking devil crabs.

“Time spent watching is a window into the trials and tribulations of the world beneath the waves.”

Yorkshire’s rocky shores are home to a wide variety of characters.

The cuckoo wrasse is one of the UK’s most colourful fish; females are peachy-orange in colour and males neon blue.

All are born female but the leading fish will change sex – adopting vivid blue markings to advertise its new-found masculinity. Sea squirts go through the ultimate in extreme body makeovers. When they reach adulthood, they digest their own brain.

The juvenile sea squirt is a tadpole-like animal with a complex nervous system but adults are much simpler.

Starfish can re-grow arms and their stomach too.

When eating a scallop or mussel, the starfish regurgitates its stomach out through its mouth and stuffs it into the shell of its prey.

The Living Seas Centre is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

It is free of charge and has a whole host of activities to captivate all ages. When the tide is right you can venture down to the beach for a spot of rockpooling or join in one of the many events led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust experts.

Toilets and refreshments are available, including ice-cream. Next to the centre is a large car park serviced by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and charges apply.