Real life road hog runs wild

The pig was captured by a group of friends from Bridlington.
The pig was captured by a group of friends from Bridlington.

Everyone knows pigs can’t fly but seeing one trotting down a main road could lead you to think that stranger things might have happened.

On the night of Thursday November 22 a large black pig was caught running down a main road by a group of friends from Bridlington who were returning from a day out.

Jack Rixon was driving his girlfriend, Mel Atkins and their friends Nick Atkinson and Katie Houlihan down the A165, and had just passed over the roundabout at Leven when Miss Houlihan spotted what she thought was a cow.

Mr Rixon saw that it was in fact a pig, and stopped the car before they called the police concerned the animal might cause a traffic accident.

Miss Atkins, 24, of High Street, Bridlington said she had been in Hull for the day with her friends on Thursday November 22 to see the Coca Cola Christmas truck and had got caught in the rain.

“We were all messing around saying we should buy onesies - it would have been even funnier if we had been running around chasing a pig wearing onesies!” she said.

Miss Atkins told the Free Press an off-duty policewoman stopped to help the group and gave them a rope, which Miss Atkins used to lasso the pig.

She said: “My boyfriend got hold of it and sort of pulled it down the dual carriageway and it was squealing. It calmed down and just started eating grass.”

Following a half-an-hour wait by the roadside a woman arrived to return the pig to its owners.

After a brief struggle the swine was pushed into a car using a disabled ramp at the back of a people carrier.

Miss Atkins said: “It was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever done. I managed to take some pictures and videos while we were waiting - I don’t think anyone would have believed me if I hadn’t.”