Rainbow flag vandalism in Bridlington - what we know so far

The vandalism of the rainbow flag while it was flown to show police's support for the LGBT community has provoked a huge response in the last 24 hours.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 8:04 pm
Updated Monday, 30th July 2018, 8:18 pm
The flag on display outside Bridlington Police Station, before vandals struck.

Here is how the day developed:

Over the weekend, the flag was cut down from the grounds of Bridlington Police Station. An email was then sent to various public officials claiming to be from a group called Men Of Bridlington.

The flag had been on display since the middle of July to show support for Hull Pride. It was the first time Humberside Police stations had displayed the LGBT symbol.

As news of the vandalism spread, people took to social media to criticism the actions. Here is the reaction from some readers on the Free Press Facebook page.

By lunchtime, police confirmed they were investigating the content of the emails and the removal of the flag. They urged anyone with information to call 101.

Later in the afternoon, police and crime commissioner Keith Hunter spoke out about the incident. He labelled those responsible 'morons' and bowed to tackle hate crimes.