Rags open for business after Bridlington Harbour flooding

Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19d
Bridlington Harbour Flooded due to storm surge.'NBFP PA1349-19d

It will be business as usual today at Rags restaurant on Bridlington Harbour after Thursday evening’s flooding.

Despite water lapping into the restaurant, quick thinking staff and the help of friends and pub regulars worked until nearly midnight and saved the hotel and restaurant from more serious damage.

The carpet in the conservatory was ripped up and taken out this morning, while a clean up operation is now underway.

But power is on and Rags is still open, with customers invited to use their upstairs room. A pre-booked Christmas party from Field House surgery is still being accomodated.

Nick Torn, manager at Rags, said: “It was a lot of work. We just tried to keep the water off the floor downstairs, so we were at each door just bailing it away.

“We knew it had got in to the conservatory, so we concentrated on keeping it out elsewhere. The carpet is ruined but things could have been much, much worse.”

Nick said that Bridlington’s community spirit once again shone through.

“We had people coming in and offering us help. One person we know works in Aldi and she got a driver down here with freezer boxes to keep the frozen food stock, so we saved our food and we can keep on trading. That can be replaced, but its much easier if you can keep on going.

“Loads of people have been offering help and support, Stu Tibbett from the lifeboat, despite everything he has on, offered to come and do jobs if we need him.”

Lynn Woodward, another who works at Rags, said: “It was frightening, how quickly it came in. Thankfully, things are nowhere near as bad as they could have been. We had Jamie and Andy from the lifeboat helping us to get furniture off the floor before they got their shout.

“Apart from the conservatory, things don’t look too bad. We weren’t expecting things to be this bad.”