Rafters launch delivery service via website myvegbox.com

Rafters fruit and vegetable store in Driffield have developed a new website which allows customers to order online for home delivery.

Thursday, 26th June 2014, 4:09 pm
The Rafters team

The launch of www.myvegbox.com has allowed the company to take on new staff.

Businessman Andy Rafter said: “Samantha Edeson and Sarah Bowes have both been employed due to the increase in trade particularly from our online store.

Mr Rafter said he took the decision to move into online retailing after carrying out research.

He said: “We recognised that online was becoming a very big part of the retail landscape and if we didn’t get involved we would get left behind.”We spent a lot of time researching and looking at what would work for us. We needed to have an online store that was equally as good as the big online retailers and eventually we managed to achieve that. We began trading online in April and soon realised that it was going to take off.

“We decided to try and make delivery free and we wanted to keep the minimum spend low.

“We managed to achieve this by going to certain areas on certain days so our vans go out full everyday. We made the minimum spend only £6 because we realise most companies are looking for the big purchases and families but there are lots of people out there who live on their own or couples who don’t want to buy more than they need. We do obviously cater for families and its been a real eye opener how much fresh produce some families do get through.”

Mr Rafter said: “We did also have concerns that we may be reducing footfall onto the high street which is the last thing we wanted to do but in fact the opposite has happened. We have picked up new customers because of our delivery service and they have also started to pop into the shop to top up between deliveries. The extra trade did put a huge amount of pressure on the business and it became obvious we needed more staff.

“We have been extremely lucky in finding two people who have joined our work force and they have fitted in exceptionally well. Samantha Edeson and Sarah Bowes have both been employed due to the increase in trade particulary from our online store. We found that lots of people weren’t aware of the range of products that we sell so things like Milk and other dairy products, bread, eggs and other lines have sold very well for us.

“We deliver in Driffield every day and go to Bridlington twice per week. We cover most of the surrounding villages and we are always looking to introduce ourselves to new areas within a few miles of Driffield.”