Race to recover photos from space

The balloon was launched in Bristol last week
The balloon was launched in Bristol last week

A weather balloon which was launched by a group of friends with a love of space has landed in the North Sea, and they want help from the Bridlington community to get it back.

“We wondered whether a passing boat might be able to pick it up for a small reward,” said Sebastian Brixey-Williams, who was part of the group,

The balloon was released in Bristol last week and rose to around 100,000ft before bursting as planned and coming back down to earth.

However, it travelled further than planned and its GPS tracker was last detected 14 miles off the Yorkshire coast. Now, the team behind the project which has been dubbed Oli’s Folly, are looking at how to recover the balloon, which should have stunning pictures from the edge of space.

Sebastian said: “The cameras were on a timer and we expect them to have taken the pictures they were intended to . We have done this once before, and you can see the curvature of the earth in the photographs. They are strapped into a white polystyrene box, meaning that it is floating on the sea’s surface.”

If anyone can help, contact the Free Press on 07803 506517.