Queen helps couple mark their diamond celebration

Robert & Sylvia Chapman from Flamborough 'Diamond wedding couple. --'NBFP PA1451-9
Robert & Sylvia Chapman from Flamborough 'Diamond wedding couple. --'NBFP PA1451-9

A Flamborough couple are celebrating after receiving a telegram from the Queen congratulating them on their diamond wedding anniversary.

Robert Chapman and Sylvia Warren met over 60-years-ago when Robert was on leave as a Grenadier Guard.

Sylvia was travelling up to Hull by train to visit her brother, and while Robert Chapman was on his way to return to his family home in Flamborough.

This first meeting would soon become a life-long partnership for the couple.

Sylvia said: “We didn’t even know we would be getting a letter from the Queen until it arrived here this morning!

“It was a nice surprise.

“When I moved to Flamborough after Robert and I entered semi-retirement, I was accepted into the community straight away.

“Robert’s family is a fishing family, and everyone knows everyone here - they made me feel very welcome.”

Robert and Sylvia went on to have three children, Jean, Pauline and John, six grandchildren Jason, Jamie, Natalie, Andrew, John and Iain, as well as eight great-grandchildren Charlotte, Eloise, Chloe, Jessica, Madison, Jack, Lily and Bobby.

They officially celebrated their Diamond Anniversary with friends and family at The Seabirds, Flamborough on Saturday 20 December.