Quartet guilty of having fake cash

Four men pleaded guilty to having counterfeit £20 notes which they used at shops in Bridlington.

Simon Peter Albert Harwood, 29, Harry Rhys Parkin, 20 and Alan Ross Connor, 31, from Grimsby, and Carl Stuart Hollingsworth, 27, from Immingham, were arrested in the town centre on Sunday, October 30.

A local card shop and a Subway restaurant were among the places where the fake £20 notes were spent.

Prosecutor Michael Waudby told last Wednesday’s Bridlington magistrates court: “They were spotted on CCTV and brought into custody.

“They all made admissions when interviewed.

“Where there are circumstances of possession of £20 counterfeit notes, the courts are imposing sentences of between 12 months and two years prison sentences.

“I advise the matter be sent to crown court.”

Harwood was found to have 24 counterfeit notes in his possession, Hollingsworth had 25 notes and both Parkin and Connor had a “quantity” of notes.

Presiding magistrate Martin Dodgson decided the court did not have adequate sentencing powers for the offences and sent the four men to Hull Crown Court for sentencing on Monday, December 12. They were all given unconditional bail.

Following the incident last month, police asked all shops and outlets to check to see if they had been duped by the counterfeit money.

They were asked to check for notes with the following serial numbers: CC 0159 8128, DK 1723 3954, EE 6396 7314, BC 0156 0871.

Anyone finding notes with these numbers on them should still hand them in to police.