Pupils get lessons in dealing with stress

Jaelithe Leigh-Brown helped Headlands pupils deal with exams stress.
Jaelithe Leigh-Brown helped Headlands pupils deal with exams stress.

A Bridlington school is proving it is top of the class when dealing with students’ mental health.

Teachers at Headlands School realised that students may be suffering from stress in the months before the GCSE exams were due to take place.

The students were showing signs of anxiety and stress, including panic attacks, illness and emotional breakdowns.

Headteacher Sarah Bone placed the students’ happiness at the top of her priorities and brought in coach and author Jaelithe Leigh-Brown to help them deal with stress.

More than 20 girls volunteered to have sessions on topics such as beliefs, success and failure, developing a positive mindset and dealing with stress, to help them stay calm and focused for their GCSEs. As part of the fortnightly sessions, the students also learned how to meditate and do yoga – two key techniques to help them stay calm, focused and positive.

Sarah Bone said: “We decided to bring Jaelithe in to help the girls be happy.

“Schools have exam results to achieve, but I didn’t want my students making themselves ill with stress to get those results.

“I wanted to help them deal with the pressure they felt they were under and to show them what they’re capable of achieving.

“We’ve hopefully raised their aspirations and kept them on track.”

Jaelithe said: “It’s been emotional for everyone who’s taken part. I’m so proud of the girls who have taken part – especially those who completed the whole course. They have been amazing.”