President Obama sends letter and signed photo to Bridlington councillor

Coun Cyril Marsburg with his letter and picture from President Obama.
Coun Cyril Marsburg with his letter and picture from President Obama.

FROM the Oval office to Bridlington Town Hall, a local councillor has received a special memento from the President of the United States.

After sending a letter and gift from the town during his time as mayor, Coun Cyril Marsburg received a response from the pen of Barack Obama earlier this week, along with a signed photograph.

Coun Marsburg sent President Obama a letter in May wishing him well in this year’s Presidential Elections, along with an engraved gift and a card from the Town Council.

“I have always admired President Obama as he was the first black President of the United States, and he has done an excellent job since taking office,” said Coun Marsburg, who was succeeded as mayor by Coun Michael Charlesworth earlier this year.

“I also mentioned that his opponent Mitt Romney was using underhand tricks before the election, so I wished the President luck.”

Coun Marsburg also managed to use one of President Obama’s own slogans in his letter, writing of the forthcoming election ‘Can you succeed? Yes you can!’

The President’s letter extended “deep thanks” for Coun Marsburg’s “thoughtful” gift, and now Coun Marsburg hopes that it could put Bridlington on the map in the States.

“I suppose it is quite unique to receive a letter from President Obama and I was delighted to get it, and it would be nice to think our gift could be hanging on the wall of the Oval Office.”