Praise for the new coach park

More coaches are now using the new coach park.
More coaches are now using the new coach park.

What a disappointment my trip to see the new Limekiln Lane coach park turned out to be.

I had been led to believe that I would there witness a desolate, man-made carbuncle.

A veritable blot on the landscape, unused, even by those it was intended to serve.

I went to observe at first hand a disfigurement, an eye-sore, an abomination, and a magnet for itinerant wanderers (with the assorted villains, vagrants and vagabonds that accompany them).

To my astonishment, all I discovered was a discreet and well-ordered tarmac enclosure, with 13 neatly parked coaches.

The only conclusion I could draw from my personal observations was that much of what I have read over the past few weeks about this innocuous piece of infrastructure has been insincere.

I appreciate that the new coach park’s proximity to the beach, the coast path, the land train terminus, the facilities for personal comfort, food, refreshment and entertainment will never rival the dystopian trudge through broken pavements and boarded-up shops that the Hilderthorpe Road Coach Park offered the town’s visitors.

However, we are a stoic nation, used to enduring privation without protest, and in time I’m sure the moaners, detractors and axe grinders will come to terms with the shock of the new, and find new targets for their invective.

As for the rest of us, we will quietly get on with enjoying our lives and the welcome opportunities the town’s regeneration offers.

L Daley

Roundhay Lane