Power cut hits hundreds of homes in Carnaby area

Bronwyn Turton of Fur Dressers in Carnaby, with Simon the dog, was left frustrated by the power cut. (PA1314-7)
Bronwyn Turton of Fur Dressers in Carnaby, with Simon the dog, was left frustrated by the power cut. (PA1314-7)

Hundreds of properties in Carnaby were left without power on Tuesday causing some disruption to businesses.

A fault on a power line has been blamed for the electricity going off in the village at around 4am with 399 properties affected in total, many of which had to be cut off for safety reasons as engineers carried out repairs.

For many people the power had been restored by the afternoon, leaving around 131 properties without electricity until shortly before 5pm.

And at around 5am the same day the power went down in the Wilsthorpe area, affecting 66 properties, until 12.30pm.

Roderick Stuart, spokesperson for Northern Powergrid, said this too had been caused by a fault on an overhead power line.

Bronwyn Turton, who runs Carnaby based dog grooming business ‘Fur Dressers’ said the power outage had forced them to cancel four 
appointments during the day while her 99-year-old mother had to wrap up warm in blankets while the heating was down.

Speaking to the Free Press while still without power Bronwyn said: “We can’t work, we have absolutely nothing, not even a smidge of electricity so I’m hoping the freezers are okay.”

And Bronwyn was not alone in her frustration at the power outage as businesses were forced to shut temporarily or postpone planned events.

Kate Dawson, of The Ferns Farm Hotel said they had to close for the day missing out on their lunch time bookings.

Visitors booked in for factory tours at John Bull World of Rock had to be postponed while the power went down for around an hour and a half on Tuesday morning during what is one of their busiest times of year - the Easter holidays.

Becky Whitan, administrator at John Bull World of Rock, said: “It was a bit of a nightmare with it being the holidays.”

“We had some factory tours at the time and had to usher everybody out of there. There was no power in the cafe and no power for our systems. It was quite a disruption.”

Northern Powergrid are the company responsible for the power supply network in the Bridlington area.

Anyone wanting to report a power cut can call Norther Powergrid’s 24 hour emergency number on 0800 1692996.