‘Potentially fatal’ speed bumps going nowhere

Coun Cyril Marsburg pictured with one of the speed bumps on Marshall Avenue.
Coun Cyril Marsburg pictured with one of the speed bumps on Marshall Avenue.

LARGE speed bumps on Marshall Avenue labelled “potentially fatal” by a town councillor will not be taken out or improved.

Coun Cyril Marsburg, who lives on the street, led calls for Bridlington Town Council to make a formal request for their removal in October.

This came after numerous incidents in which pedestrians have been caught out by the height of the bumps and fallen over them – and in some cases sustaining serious injuries.

But now East Riding council officials have rejected calls for the speed bumps to be taken out.

In a letter to the town council, Helen Firth, senior engineer - traffic and parking, said that the speed bumps were part of wider traffic calming measures in Bridlington and had proved a success in the reduction of vehicle speed and road accidents.

The letter also says that with cuts in council budgets, there would not be enough money to re-implement a traffic calming measure on Marshall Avenue if problems with speeding and road accidents began to occur again. It read: “The council recognises that some parties wish for the measures to be removed. However, overall the council would not be prepared to remove the traffic calming and sees it as a positive feature in reducing speed and continuing to provide safety benefits.” At the town council meeting in October, Coun Marsburg said: “There have been more than 25 people trip over them.

“One time I remember an old lady was lying in the gutter and her head was pouring with blood. She politely asked for an ambulance, and had to be taken to hospital. I later found out she was 93.

“Do we have to wait until there is a fatality before something is done?

“The kerbs there are granite and razor sharp. They puncture tyres so I can only imagine what damage they would do to someone’s head or face.”

The town council had voted unanimously to request that East Riding of Yorkshire Council remove the speed bumps, with many councillors pointing out that traffic naturally slowed down at the junction of Chapel Street and Marshall Avenue - rendering the speed bumps useless.

Coun Marsburg has been campaigning for the speed bumps to be removed – or at least turned into longer, more gradual ‘sleeping policemen’ bumps – for several years.

In September Carole Hopkins, 54, ended up with a lump on her head and a bruised arm after falling over the speed bumps while out shopping.

“I was going to cross the road and was putting my glasses away and the next thing I knew I was sat in the middle of the road,” said Carole, who was left shaken by the fall and attended Bridlington Hospital for a precautionary check up.

Carole is one of dozens of people who have been injured on the same spot. East Riding of Yorkshire Council said it had painted white lines around the bumps after complaints in 2009, and has advised that shoppers cross the road in different