Pot hole menace slowly reducing

Bessingby Road Pothole repaires on going'PA1104-13a
Bessingby Road Pothole repaires on going'PA1104-13a

DRIVERS are still dodging holes large and small on several Bridlington roads, but according to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, they won’t be there for much longer.

The council’s ongoing repair teams have been in action on dozens of local routes, pothole filling in emergency situations and following up with more permanent patching repairs.

Since the council put 14 repair teams into action on January 10 to tackle the winter damage across its 2,170 miles of roads, more than 20 local routes starting with the main roads in and out of the town, and including lesser roads in the town itself, have been repaired.

Among them were some of the most complained about including Bempton Lane, the A165 north of Bridlington, Well Lane by-pass and stretches of the A164 and A165 south of Bridlington.

Another 10 or so in and around Bridlington have also been repaired or are in the process of being repaired, such as the work being undertaken on pothole hot-spot Bessingby Road, and further repairs are being scheduled on more Bridlington streets.

This week saw the start of major re-surfacing works to Quay Road roundabout down to Prospect Street in the town centre scheduled to take up to three weeks.

The repair programme is expected to continue until hopefully the weather improves in late March and will be updated on a regular basis until then.

The cost of not only this winter’s road damage, but last year’s as well is not yet known.

According to a council spokesman the authority had already pumped around an extra £3.6 million into its highways repair programme to cope with the problems of the winter of 2009.

Now, after this winter, the worst on record for decades, the cost is going to be even higher.

“At the present time the authority is not able to release the figures but it will be a significant amount and a budget issue for the council,” said the spokesman.