Popular landlord calls time at White Horse

Land Lord andrew Bowls is leaving the White Horse in Bempton'PA1120-7a
Land Lord andrew Bowls is leaving the White Horse in Bempton'PA1120-7a

LOCALS at Bempton’s only pub will raise their glasses to toast a popular landlord for the last time tonight.

Landlord Andrew Bowles, 44, will leave to join the rest of his family to run a guesthouse in the Scottish town of Caithness, tomorrow morning, Friday May 20.

Back in 2009 villagers thought the White Horse pub would never open again after the previous landlord left suddenly, before Andrew took charge.

“It is going to be very sad to leave Bempton, I’ve made some really close friends here and the regulars in the pub have made my job so enjoyable,” said Andrew, who had a party to say goodbye to friends last weekend.

“We lived in Scotland for ten years before, so when we saw the building I thought, that’s a challenge why not go ahead with it?

“With the way the pub industry is going, as well as pressures from the brewery, it has been quite stressful so hopefully running the guest house can be a bit more relaxed.”

Andrew first took on the pub temporarily, but a petition from regulars saw him return by popular demand, full time in October 2009.

“I would really just like to thank everyone in Bempton for welcoming me to the village. The details of our guest house will be up at the bar, and I would love friends and regulars to come up and stay when they can.”

Andrew will join his wife Patricia, and his three children Matthew, 21, James, 18, and Lauren, 16, who moved to Scotland in November last year. He had waited on for six months until the brewery, Greene King, found a replacement manager for the pub.