Poodle seriously injured after attack by four greyhounds on beach near Bridlington

Alfie the poodle
Alfie the poodle

Alfie the poodle is recovering at the vets after sustaining horrific injuries following an attack on the beach.

Julie Bose took her dog for a walk on the sands at Fraisthorpe on Sunday afternoon, when it was pounced upon by a group of four greyhounds.

She said: "I was walking towards Fraisthorpe with my toy poodle, who is really little.

"There was a couple with four greyhounds, and none of the dogs were on a lead. Alfie went off towards them and, at first, I thought they were playing but then I heard the screams.

"I dropped everything I had and went running towards them. I tried to kick the other dogs off Alfie, and the man was trying to get them off, but I kept hearing the screams. They were three times the size of him and I have had greyhounds in the past and it is in their nature to chase.

"I picked him up and ran, but two of the dogs followed me and I had to hold him up in the air. He was screaming in agony and there was blood everywhere.

"The man came over but as soon as I asked for his name, because what had happened was not acceptable, because I knew Alfie would need surgery, he just walked away.

"He has had to have surgery on his right hind leg because of two massive puncture wounds which have gone through to the muscle. It will cost me more than £1,000.

"It could have been a child the dogs had attacked, that's the scary thing."

Alfie is still recovering at the vets and Julie said she accepts she will be unlikely to see any action taken against the couple, who were in their 20s.