Yorkshire Party looks to future

Bridlington Spa hosted the conference
Bridlington Spa hosted the conference

The Yorkshire Party held its spring conference at Bridlington Spa on Saturday and its leader has vowed to make the party grow in future years.

Its candidate Tim Norman, polled more than a thousands votes in the East Yorkshire seat in last month’s General Election and the party said it is ready in case Britain goes to the polls again later this year.

Speaking ahead of the conference, which was delayed after the election was called, leader Stewart Arnold, who stood in the constituency in 2015, said: “Mrs May did a favour to the Yorkshire Party by calling the election.

“We ended up with more members, more supporters, more followers on social media, more resources and greater media coverage, than if there had been no election. We more than doubled our share of the vote compared to 2015 and we are now the third party in many parts of Yorkshire.

“We will be ready for any general election in the autumn or next spring when we will field even more candidates and do even better.

“Even if there isn’t a General Election in the next year big round of local elections next May in places like Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Wakefield to name but a few. We will fight these hard and we will be putting up a record number of candidates.

“We want devolution. We want the transfer of significant, meaningful powers to the whole of Yorkshire so that we can set our own priorities here and unleash the tremendous potential that exits.

“There is a gathering support for devolution for the whole of Yorkshire, despite what the Northern Powerhouse Minister says. We will be at the forefront of that campaign, giving a voice to Yorkshire people.”