MP: ‘Terrorist has achieved nothing’

Sir Greg Knight
Sir Greg Knight

Bridlington’s MP Sir Greg Knight has told how he locked himself in his office in the House of Commons as Westminster was attacked by a terrorist.

He said he was not surprised that Parliament was targeted and has praised police who kept MPs safe during last week’s horrific incident.

Sir Greg told the Free Press: “At the time of this incident, the House of Commons was voting and I was inside the building. Indeed, I was one of the first MPs to vote and immediately afterwards I knew that something was amiss as a police officer started shouting at MPs to “clear the corridor”.

“Normally no-one is allowed to interfere in our voting process and the police are the height of courtesy to MPs.

“Then another officer ran behind me and locked the door to the House of Commons, locking about 200 MPs inside the Chamber.

“I asked one officer what was happening and he told me ‘There is an incident outside and two people are down’, which I took to mean that two people were dead.

“The police then proceeded to evacuate the MPs and staff who were in the corridors of the building, but not those who were locked inside the Chamber, because they feared that the terrorist might not be acting alone and someone else was stalking the corridors.

“I am lucky in that my office is very close to the Commons Chamber, so I returned there and locked the door, where I remained until the police lifted the ‘lock down’.”

Khalid Masood used a car to run down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge last Wednesday afternoon and then stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death, before he was shot by armed police.

Sir Greg said: “My thoughts and sympathies are with the relatives of the victims of this pointless massacre and also with those who were injured.

“This man was a violent murderous criminal who does not deserve to be referred to as a ‘terrorist’. His actions have terminated the lives of innocent people but beyond this have achieved nothing.

“Britain never has and never will change its course in response to murder. The police are to be commended for their actions.”