Mayor plans to stand against MP in election

Cllr Liam Dealtry
Cllr Liam Dealtry

The Prime Minister’s announcement that she was calling a General Election in June may have taken the political world by surprise - but a leading figure in Bridlington did not take long to react.

The town’s mayor Cllr Liam Dealtry has said he is ‘seriously considering’ standing as an independent candidate against current MP Sir Greg Knight.

Sir Greg Knight

Sir Greg Knight

Cllr Dealtry, whose year as mayor comes to an end soon, said: “I’m going to go for it. Hopefully, I can bring some common sense and leadership to the county. I would be somebody who speaks up for this town and the district.

“The timing just feels right and people know what I stand for.

“I was born on a council estate and still live on a council estate. I am just a normal working class guy but I could go to the House of Commons and stand up for this area and make them listen.

“Everyone would know where to find me, I wouldn’t be stuck in an ivory tower.”

He admitted his campaign would have to be run on a ‘shoestring budget’ but he is serious about standing.

In the latest General Election in 2015, Sir Greg picked up more than 50% of the votes in the Yorkshire East constituency.

He has been the region’s MP since 2001 and has a majority of almost 15,000.

UKIP came third in 2015, with the Liberal Democrats in fourth, ahead of the Green Party and a Yorkshire First candidate.