Local elections: Here is who won the votes to represent Bridlington

Five new faces were among the winners in the Bridlington wards when the results of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council wards were announced.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 10:23 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:36 am
East Riding of Yorkshire Council election results

Only three existing councillors retained their seats, Conservatives Richard Harrap, Chris Matthews and Richard Burton all comfortably keeping their places at County Hall.

They will be joined by two Yorkshire Party representative, Tim Norman and Andy Walker, who won a closely-contested battle in Bridlington South.

Town councillors John Copsey and Liam Dealtry also stepped up to the county council and Chad Chadwick was elected, taking the place of his wife Margaret, who was chairman of the council this year but did not stand for re-election.

Malcoln Milns and Thelma Milns, who had been UKIP councillors for the past four years but stood as independent candidates this time, lost their seats, as did Labour's Shelagh Finlay.

Bridlington Central and Old Town (two seats)

Liam DEALTRY (Independent) 884 - 26.2%

Richard BURTON (Conservatives) 764 - 22.6%

Alan FELBER (Independent) 426 - 12.6%

Mike DIXON (Labour) 390 - 11.5%

Margaret PINDER (Labour) 361 - 10.7%

Malcolm MILNS (Independent) 355 - 10.5%

Mike HESLOP-MULLENS (Liberal Democrats)199 - 5.9%

Bridlington North (three seats)

Chris MATTHEWS (Conservatives) 2,101 - 30.3%

Richard HARRAP (Conservatives) 2,050 - 29.6%

Chad CHADWICK (Conservatives) 1,929 - 27.8%

Jan DAVIS (Labour) 855 - 12.3%

Bridlington South (three seats)

Tim NORMAN (Yorkshire Party) 907 - 14.7%

Andy WALKER (Yorkshire Party) 904 - 14.7%

John COPSEY (Conservatives) 742 - 12.0%

Shelagh FINLAY (Labour) 698 - 11.3%

J WILSON (Conservatives) 642 - 10.4%

Thelma MILNS (Independent) 636 - 10.3%

Colin CROFT (Labour) 561 - 9.1%

David ROBSON (Independent) 543 - 8.8%

Chris SUTTON (Labour) 533 - 8.6%

The results for the Bridlington Town Council elections will be announced later today.