1,500 new homes - can Bridlington cope?

One of the biggest housing developments in Bridlington’s history looks set to be given the go-ahead next week.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has drawn up a ‘masterplan’ for the town, which will see almost 1,500 new homes built on the outskirts.

If approved, the homes will be built to the north of Bridlington

If approved, the homes will be built to the north of Bridlington

The sheer scale of the development has drawn concerns about the impact it will have on health services, schools and the transport network in Bridlington.

But members of the council’s cabinet have been advised to adopt the scheme when it meets on Tuesday.

The homes, which will be mainly two and three-bedrooms, will be built in an area measuring 56 hectares stretching from Scarborough Road to Airedale Drive. But the masterplan has failed to win universal support of Bridlington Town Council.

In its response as part of the consultation process, it said one of its members ‘wished to convey disappointment with the lack of local infrastructure knowledge and highlight that Bridlington secondary schools have reduced numbers, and the Bridlington primary schools are full’.

It added: “The doctors in the town are in very short supply and the hospital is a reduced functioning facility.

“The addition of 1,400 new houses is not totally feasible in Bridlington without putting a long-term strategy in place for supporting infrastructure.”

Bridlington Civic Society raised issues about the design of the proposed houses and the consultation period in the spring also prompted a number of replies from individual residents.

Several referred to an increased pressure on health services in Bridlington but the council says ‘the NHS has not raised any concerns over the capacity of existing services to cope with increased levels of demand’.

The road network was another area that cropped up in the consultation responses but a report to Tuesday’s meeting insists the plans will ‘improve highway connectivity across the north of the town to provide local residents with a choice of routes’. Central to that is a multi-million pound link road between Scarborough Road and Bempton Lane.

East Riding Council also states in its reports ‘the Council is aware of the required need to address future deficits in Bridlington’s primary school capacity. The council proposes to take private (developer) contributions to fund additional school places as and when they come forward.’