SPOT checks and random inspections are part of a police campaign to cut down winter road accidents.

During this month extra police will be out on the roads in and around Bridlington checking lights, tyres, windscreen washers and wipers plus the way vehicles are being driven in winter conditions

The aim is to reduce accidents, particularly those involving fatal and serious injury, and to emphasise to drivers that winter motoring can be dangerous unless they and their cars are fit for the conditions.

Drivers will be given a winter driving leaflet and pedal cyclists will also come under scrutiny and be warned about the importance of high-visibility clothing in order to be safe and be seen by other road users.

Police Traffic Management Inspector Roger Mitchell said: “Statistics for the force area show that most of the serious crashes, where someone is either killed or is seriously injured, occur when road conditions are slippery due to adverse weather, and because drivers do not adapt their speed appropriately.

“What we do find is that many motorists drive too fast and too close to vehicles in front of them when road conditions are slippery either because of rain, ice or snow.

“It takes a lot longer to stop when braking in the wet and drivers do not leave themselves a big enough gap to avoid the vehicle in front.”