Police urge caution and warn of warm weather crimes

POLICE in Bridlington are warning residents and home owners to keep their houses secure this summer.

Officers are currently making residents aware of the risks of leaving doors and ground floor windows open, in an attempt to reduce sneak in burglaries in the town.

They say that due to the recent warm weather there is a risk that occupants of residential and commercial properties will be tempted to leave doors and windows open for extra ventilation.

Opportunist thieves will simply walk around their favoured areas looking for such insecurities which provide them with the opportunity to gain entry, grab property and exit in a matter of seconds.

These crooks will often grab the first valuable item they can get their hands on, for example, bags, purses, mobile phones, laptops and other items that are easy to grab and run.

And Detective Inspector Paul Kirby, of Humberside Police’s Serious Acquisitive Crime Team, said: “This particular type of crime can be avoided by adopting some simple methods.

“Whilst out working in the garden, leaving windows and doors open is an invitation for an opportunist sneak thief to enter your property and steal valuable and sentimental items.

“Enjoying a BBQ on a rare sunny day is something we all enjoy during the summer months. But again consider, is the house secure while everyone is outside enjoying the sun?

“Take a second to lock the windows and door behind you. Don’t provide criminals with an easy target. Consider removing valuable items from the view of windows so not to entice opportunist thieves. Keep music and other noises to a minimum volume, for example if music is loud or the lawn mower is on, these noises can act as a distraction whilst a thief enters your house.

“We want everyone in the East Riding to enjoy their summer, so please be aware of leaving your property secure.”

There are a number of extra preventative measures you can take to ensure the security of your property, such as installing new locks and other security systems. Contact Master Locksmiths Association on 01327 262255 or visit www.locksmiths.co.uk to access a variety of British Standard approved security measures.

If you would like any further crime prevention advice please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, visit www.humberside.police.uk, call the non-emergency 101 number or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.