Police to take no action on slipper driver

A former Yorkshire police officer has condemned Humberside Police’s decision not to prosecute a Porsche driver who was caught on camera almost causing a head-on collision.

Driver Damian Hodgson was on the B1253 between Rudston and Bridlington when the woman, at the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne, put her foot down to overtake on a blind bend.

Police are not taking any action against the Porsche driver.

Police are not taking any action against the Porsche driver.

The dash cam footage shows the driver overtake Mr Hodgson, from Carnaby, and a Citroen in front, before seeing an oncoming Skoda.

The Skoda mounted the grass verge while the Porsche veered into the Citroen - leaving both damaged - before speeding away. Despite “overwhelming evidence” Humberside Police are taking no action due to no complaints or injuries from the incident.

“I am very surprised that the police are taking no action against a woman who was very close to causing a fatal collision,” said former officer John Ponter.

Mr Hodgson, who had five passengers including his wife and children, aged two and five, stopped to speak to the Skoda driver, whose car was unharmed. A girl aged around 10 in the front passenger seat was in tears.

The woman (in pink) following the incident who was driving in her slippers.

The woman (in pink) following the incident who was driving in her slippers.

Mr Hodgson said he stopped further down the road when he saw the elderly couple in the Citroen exchanging details with the Porsche driver after cosmetic damage was caused to both vehicles.

He said: “The Porsche driver told me she thought she was going to die. She was shaking like a leaf and on the edge of crying as she knew she had done wrong. She said she always overtakes at that spot. She said she was picking her husband up from the pub and was wearing a pair of slippers.”

Mr Hodgson said he offered the footage of the incident, on August 14 at 5.15pm, to the drivers of the Skoda and Citroen for evidence, but both declined. Mr Ponter said: “If police have not received a complaint then they should be making enquiries to get a prosecution for this diabolical piece of driving.

Police need to set an example in this kind of situation and at the moment they are encouraging people to be reckless. If the woman in question now goes on to repeat the manoeuvre then there could be serious consequences. The police then would have to answer why they didn’t nip it in the bud earlier."

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “Realistically, officers can only investigate when there are complaints from people directly involved or if someone has been hurt.

“In this case there has been no such complaint and the Porsche driver in the footage did stop at the scene and exchange insurance details with other driver, making them compliant with the Road Traffic Act.

In addition, no one was hurt, therefore no further action will be taken against the driver of the Porsche. The force would like to thank the person who has handed over the footage of the incident, as it will assist with any future investigation if required.”