Police take action on fraud

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Police forces covering Yorkshire and the Humber have teamed up with those from across the UK to launch Action Fraud - the central point of contact for reporting fraud and financially motivated internet crime.

Action Fraud is being launched nationally April 1 but from today (Monday March 25) the public will be encouraged to report fraud and internet scams directly to Action Fraud via www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Action Fraud, run by the National Fraud Authority, will be the main agency for people to contact if they are a victim of a scam or fraud offence both in terms of making reports and accessing support and prevention advice.

Reports taken will be used to formulate a national picture as well as being passed on to forces for further investigation.

Detective Superintendent Steve Waite, Head of Intelligence for Regional Operations said: “Action Fraud will enable a better sharing of information about the nature and extent of fraud across the region and beyond which will assist all law-enforcement partners in tackling the various different types of fraud affecting our local communities and businesses.

“Here in Yorkshire and the Humber the Economic Crime Units within the four forces have been working together as well as with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to ensure we’re ready to go live with Action Fraud on March 25.

“People will still be able to report fraud to their local force, who will take action if a possible fraudster is at their door for example.

In non-urgent situations however, they will be encouraged to contact Action Fraud as the most appropriate agency.”

Detective Superintendent at Humberside Police, Lauren Poultney added: “Fraud offences are not confined to geographical borders. In Humberside we anticipate the greater sharing of intelligence about fraud across the country will ensure targeted preventative action can be taken, and those causing the greatest harm to our communities will be more readily identifiable so that enforcement action can be taken.

“I hope the on-line reporting tool will encourage people to report offences where previously they may not have done. Crimes in progress should be reported directly to Humberside Police, not to Action Fraud.”