Police precept rise supported by panel

Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has presented his proposals to raise the portion of council tax used to pay for policing, known as the police precept, to the Humberside Police and Crime Panel.

Wednesday, 6th February 2019, 12:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:56 pm
The Humberside Police and Crime Panel voted unanimously to increase the police precept.

The panel voted unanimously in favour of the full proposed increase, with recommendations to receive regular financial updates throughout the year and updates on police officer and staff numbers.

The commissioner proposed the precept increase for 2019/20, meaning the amount paid on a typical Band D property would rise by around 46p per week from £199.32 to £223.32 for the year.

A full table by property bands can be found below, with the amount varying proportionately for other bands.

Mr Hunter said: “I am pleased the panel have supported the proposal but fully understand and agree with the reluctance of panel members to increase the taxes of local people.

“I want to see improved funding for policing from central Government and believe that is the only fair way to fund policing. I am, however, elected to make the right decisions that will improve policing locally and must live with the decisions taken by this Government.

“I regret that because of those decisions I am in the position where the only option to provide a police force capable of meeting the needs and desires of our communities and protecting the vulnerable is through an increase in local taxation. I would point out that the majority of households within the Humberside police area fall within bandings A, B and C so the financial burden would be an increase of less than £24 per year.

“I want to deliver what residents were asking of me when I was elected in 2016, by providing the resources to Humberside Police to enable them to deliver an improved service, put more police on the streets and make our communities safer. The force is on a significant journey of improvement and we want this to continue for the benefit of all our communities, who also have their part to play in that progress.”