Police in Bridlington warn free runners

POLICE are warning of the dangers involved in so-called “free running” following an incident reported in Bridlington.

Shortly after 6.30pm on Tuesday February 26, police were contacted about a suspected attempted burglary at commercial premises in Queen Street, Bridlington after four people were seen climbing on the outside of a building.

Officers attended and four teenage boys were located and arrested.

There was no evidence of a break-in at the premises and when interviewed the arrested teens, aged 14, 16, and two aged 17, stated they were free running along the building lines.

Free running in itself is not a crime and as such all four young men were released without charge.

However the incident has prompted words of advice from Humberside Police.

Detective Sergeant Tom Napier, said: “Whilst no offences were committed on this occasion there are obvious risks attached to such activities and it is also very likely to be deemed as anti-social behaviour.

“There is also a risk of damage being caused to buildings which are being used for the free running which is clearly a criminal offence.

“Police will intervene if any cases are brought to light and I would strongly advise against taking part in this sort of activity.”

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