Police divers find wreck of missing boat

POLICE divers have located the wreck of a Bridlington fishing vessel but found no trace of her missing skipper.

A six-man team spent last Friday at the site of a collision between the Bridlington potter the Flourish and the Nautica, looking for the body of John Collinson, of Sixth Avenue, who went down with his boat.

PC Ron Moughton of Humberside Police marine search section, said: "We examined the working area of The Flourish, which did appear to have suffered some damage as the result of the collision.

"But after searching the area around the site we did not find the missing skipper."

"Bridlington fisherman Steve Cowan, a friend of the Collinsons, volunteered to take us to the site, free of charge, in his vessel the Jenarus."

After a four-hour journey to the wreck site, 30 miles south of Bridlington, the team found the wreck lying 40m down on the sea bed.

"The visibility was particularly good for this time of year and conditions in general were good with only a slight swell," said PC Moughton. He added no further dives were planned at this stage.

Police investigations are continuing to establish the full circumstances surrounding the collision which happened at 2 30pm two weeks ago today, as the Flourish was returning to Bridlington harbour.

Three others on board the Flourish, including Mr Collinson's son John, were rescued by the Nautica.

"Detectives are in the process of speaking to witnesses to gain information about what has happened. Specially trained police officers are still supporting the family of the missing skipper," said a spokesman.

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