Plea to widen parking bays after incident

Dave Akrill who has had his shop window damaged NBFP PA1611-5b
Dave Akrill who has had his shop window damaged NBFP PA1611-5b

A business owner has called for action on the parking ‘mayhem’ on a Bridlington street which led to his shop window being smashed.

Owner of P&P Newsagents Dave Akrill has been told he will have to pay around £400 towards replacing his window after a violent confrontation broke out on Tuesday (15 March) between two male drivers regarding parking on Prince Street resulting in a woman suffering minor injuries with one of the men being assaulted into his window.

The parking bays on Cliff Street NBFP PA1611-5j

The parking bays on Cliff Street NBFP PA1611-5j

Mr Akrill claims the parking bay sizes were decreased during roadworks last year as part of the council’s prioritised programme of highway maintenance works and is now calling for action to resolve the issue.

“The situation is causing mayhem on the street,” said Mr Akrill. “It’s got to the point where people cannot open their car doors when parked on Prince Street.

“I have witnessed many arguments on a daily basis about it on the street since it’s been resurfaced but the incident this week has been by far the worst. For one of the drivers to nearly put the other through my window was unbelievable.”

The Government has recommended since 1994 that all council parking bays should be a minimum of 2.4 metres by 4.8 metres, but Mr Ackrill has found bays nearly half a metre shorter.

Mr Akrill has been told that he will have to £400 of up to £1,000 cost to replace his shop window for an incident sparked by the council parking bays.

“I can’t believe that something such as parking has resulted in my property being damaged. I simply do not have a spare £400 for events such as this. I am not happy at all and the council really need to act.

“These types of incidents are just going to discourage visitors and residents to park on Prince Street and away from the town centre. It is really concerning for all the businesses in the area and I hope something we can see an expansion in parking bays in the near future.”

However a spokesman for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has claimed that the parking bays were not reduced in size during the resurfacing of Prince Street.

He said: “They were in fact reinstated after the completion of the work at the same size as they had previously been. The bays in that location conform to the government’s national guidelines, and as in all locations in the East Riding, we would advise motorists 
to choose parking bays suitable for the size of their vehicle.”

Humberside Police are now appealing for witnesses to the incident, on March 15 at 1.30pm, which resulted in a woman attending hospital with injuries to her wrist and leg, to come forward.

The male suspect is described as wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting log number 266 of March 15.